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Investment in hardwood floors – what to expect?

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly one of the best choices when redecorating your house. It gives an elegant and traditional look to your home. However, hardwood flooring options are expensive. Hence every homeowner faces a dilemma before investing in a good quality flooring. 

Hiring flooring specialists in Stevenage, UK, is always advisable if you plan to get hardwood floors in your home.. Professionals have experience in installing with precision. They will also let you know the dos and don’ts, so that your floor lasts longer.

Here are so few things you can expect if you plan to get hardwood floors for your house.

What to expect while installing a hardwood floor?

Changes in colour

High exposure to light can gradually change the colour of the hardwood floor over time. It can either turn light in texture or darken. However, do not worry about this colour change because this is natural. Just be careful not to use chemical solutions, which might lead to discolouration. 

Expansion and contraction

Woods are living materials, and based on the humidity and moisture level of the house, they will expand or contract accordingly. You can also expect to see small gaps here and there; however, the floor will not shift since it is installed with clips.

Careful maintenance

Hardwood floors are durable; however, they must be looked after carefully. Instead of using a basic cleaner solution, ask your flooring specialist to recommend special cleaning solutions for hardwood floors. This will also help to prevent discolouration.  

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